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Oyster project set for city park
An oyster reef restoration project will take center stage this month at Overlook Park on U.S. 17 in Brunswick.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has been given permission by the city to use the park's dock area to store bagged oyster shells and wooden pallets. The materials will be used to restore oyster reefs along the bank near the park, said January Murray, a constituent service unit leader for the state agency.

About 3,000 bags of recycled shells, the equivalent of more than 17 tons, will be used during the project near the fishing pier.

The city park is at the intersection of U.S 17 and Gloucester Street. The restoration is scheduled to take place March 21 through23.

"Oyster reefs are considered a central fish habitat," Murray said, adding that many marine organisms use the reefs for protection or growth. "The oyster reefs actually stabilize the mud flat ... so if we didn't have the oyster reefs the marsh grass would die off."

The park will remain open while the work is done, Murray said.

City Manager Bill Weeks says he doesn't expect the three-day project to have an adverse affect on those who visit the popular park.

The project is the state's eighth oyster reef restoration. Two others, at Ossabaw Sound and a Chatham County public fishing area, are planned for this year.

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