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Portion of street lost to courthouse
Preliminary procedures to make the federal courthouse in Brunswick more secure will start with the routine abandonment of a portion of Egmont Street.

Security improvements to the Frank M. Scarlett Federal Building, on the corner of Gloucester and Egmont streets, will require a segment of Egmont, said city planner Arne Glaser.

"(Egmont) will be fenced along Gloucester Street and then down Egmont," Glaser said. "They have to build a (secured garage) for the transfer of prisoners, so that will be built on that portion of Egmont."

So far, Glaser only knows the concept for changes. He has not seen the actual plan, which may require additional consideration.

Parking alongside the front and rear of the building, which houses a post office and U.S. District Court, as well as other federal offices, could be eliminated to accommodate large concrete planters. The planters would be designed to block access to the building by motor vehicles.

"I haven't seen the design yet, but it looks like there will be no more parking," Glaser said.

The plan could include a spot for handicapped parking.

The city commission learned of the plans to remove street parking and close Egmont during its April 18 meeting.

The proposed measures follow a recent government study that ranked the structure among 10 percent of federal courthouse buildings in need of security improvements.

Glaser said the beefed up measures will consider downtown Brunswick aesthetics.

"We heard ... that they want to cooperate and that it would be done appropriately," Glaser said.

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