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Island market receives an upgrade
People who shop at the small farmer's market at McKinnon St. Simons Airport are in for a surprise.

The spot where people can buy locally grown produce, freshly caught Georgia shrimp and boiled peanuts is new and improved.

The farmer's market moved under permanent structures Monday, said Steve Brian, executive director of the Glynn County Airport Commission, which owns the land where the market is located in the 1900 block of Demere Road. The market had operated under canvas canopies.

"(McKinnon Airport) needed to widen its safety area and a part of the reorganization meant moving a fence," Brian said. "We decided to place some more permanent structures there and expand it, as well as make the area around it more efficient."

Construction began in late July. The two spots are bid out to vendors every year, Brian said. An ice-machine supplier and Goodwill Industries also use parts of the space.

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