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Odd fox spurs health alert
The Glynn County Health Department is advising residents to be on the lookout for animals acting strangely after a report of a fox with peculiar behavior in the Scranton Connector area, a commercial district that includes patches of thick woods.

The fox was spotted Monday morning in the area between Scranton Road and Altama Connector.

Health officials said the fox has not been caught. Unusual behavior is one symptom of rabies.

"This is a good time to remind people to stay away from wild animals, because they could be harmful," said Glynn County Environmental Health Manager Bill Jenkins.

Rabies, a potentially deadly virus primarily spread by animals, is commonly found in a number of animals in Southeast Georgia, including foxes and raccoons.

This past August, two residents in areas of Glynn County six miles apart reported being attacked by a fox. The victims were scratched and/or bitten.

Residents are urged to avoid wild or stray animals and to watch for unusual behavior in pets and wildlife. Symptoms of rabies in animals include a change in behavior, biting, aggression, showing no fear of natural enemies, including humans, foaming at the mouth and paralysis.

The health department says residents can protect themselves and their families by avoiding contact with animals they don't know and making sure pets receive the proper immunizations.

Dogs and cats should get a rabies vaccine by four months of age, followed by a booster shot one year later and another one every one or three years, depending on the type of vaccine used.

If bitten by an animal, seek medical care immediately.

Make the call

To report an animal acting suspiciously in Glynn County, call county Animal Services at 554-7500 and the Glynn County Health Department Environmental Health Division at 279-2940.

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