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Ga. gas prices falling
Georgia has some of the lowest gas prices in the nation while prices at the pump continue to climb in New England and on the West Coast.

Prices rose quickly after Tropical Storm Isaac shut down refineries when it hit the Gulf Coast in late August. Now that refineries are running again, prices are falling.

"We've seen prices fall for about the past two weeks, and one of the reasons is that we have refineries and output back up and running in the Gulf," said Jessica Brady, spokeswoman for AAA Auto Club.

Reg Bridges is thankful for the falling prices. Gas prices have a far-reaching effect across the economy, and she says if prices stay low long enough, she'll start to see other benefits. "If gas prices come down, food should come down. It's all interrelated," she said.

Bridges travels between her homes on St. Simons Island and Atlanta, and appreciates the relief at the pump. "When prices are high it will cost me $50 each way, as opposed to $40 each way," Bridges said. "It always helps."

Georgia's average gas price was $3.59 Thursday afternoon, 19 cents below the national average. The lowest price in Glynn County was $3.40. On the West Coast, California's average was $4.31.

"Over on the California side, they're seeing refinery issues, which is one of the main reasons for their price hike," Brady said.

Motorists in New York, Connecticut and New Hampshire are also at or nearing the year's highest prices.

Brady said prices are expected to continue to fall across the Southeast unless violence in the Middle East disrupts oil production.

"The only wild card that's out there right now is what's happening overseas in the Middle East and North Africa," Brady said.

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