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GICA enrollment at highest peak
Spring semester is starting to blossom at Golden Isles Career Academy in north Glynn County with more students enrolled.

The 561 part- and full-time students in high school vocational courses is an all-time high at the school, which opened for the 2009-2010 school year. The number is 100 more than attended the past fall semester.

Academy Principal Senetra Haywood said Tuesday she wants enrollment to grow.

"We want to increase awareness for our aspiring students in elementary and middle schools, so that they know what is available to them when they get to high school," she said.

"Students need a training ground in which to foster the soft skills - work ethic - that are necessary for success in any career, whether it's in the trade and industrial realm or a professional field, such as medicine, education or political science.

"Our career academy allows students not only the hands-on experience, but also an opportunity to apply mathematical and critical thinking skills in real-world problems that they would encounter in career-related situations."

Experiencing what professionals in careers face daily makes students more employable in a world that is becoming more competitive, Haywood said. For example, students enrolled in health care classes get real-world experience observing at a hospital.

* Reporter Sarah Lundgren writes about education and other local topics. Contact her at, on Facebook or at 265-8320, ext. 322.

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