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Students get lessons in medicine
For 18 student athletes, a few days spent with athletic trainers this summer didn't involve strained or sore muscles.

The student athletic trainer camp, hosted by the Southeast Georgia Health System in July, was a success, said Pam Gass, director of sports medicine in the Orthopedic and Spine Center.

Gass said she and the department saw a need to involve student athletes who see the trainers regularly to give them insight into potential job opportunities.

"We identified an interest in learning more about sports medicine, so we invited our trainers and local medical professionals in showing students career opportunities in sports medicine," Gass said.

The health system employs six trainers who serve at no cost to area high schools and College of Coastal Georgia.

The trainers, seen by many of the students during the sports season, served as faculty for the camp.

"We used fun activities like taping contests and Olympic games," Gass said. "We wanted to give them basic knowledge and acquired skills and provide them with injury-related prevention to keep them safe. Many of them serve as assistants to the trainers during the season."

Gass said it was important to get out in the community and work closely with the youth every day.

"It's natural for us to have this and see students interested in what we do," Gass said. "Our chief executive officer, Gary Colberg, is so pro-students and education, and we're fortunate to be able to have this."

Gass said the hospital is considering lengthening the camp next summer and creating an advanced session for returning students.

"We heard from a lot of them that they wanted it to be the whole week," Gass said. "We're going to see what we can do."

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