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Centenarian celebrates milestone
Walk into Ruth Williams' home and the first things noticeable are the images on the walls. Pictures, newspaper clippings, certificates and fliers are pinned to the wood-paneled walls.

To most people, this might seem like clutter, but to Williams, whose 100th birthday was Monday, it is a homage to her long life.

"I like to be good to everyone," said Williams, a retired pharmacist technician from the Southeast Georgia Health System. "That's how you get along."

Williams has gotten along quite well. At 100 years old, she cooks, cleans and does just about everything else she has done throughout her life.

Well, that is, except for being able to drive her car. She last drove her car 10 years ago, and to Williams, it's one of her biggest losses. "Turn me loose on the wheel right now and I'd drive," she said Monday.

Since she spends more time at home these days, Williams' favorite thing to do is watch television.

Her favorite show is the soap opera, "The Young and the Restless."

"She won't answer her phone when she's watching her stories," said Lilly Beckham, Williams' first cousin and caretaker.

Her other passion is dancing. She "got down" doing the Susie Q and the Charleston, said Williams, while demonstrating the Susie Q sitting on her sofa.

Despite being a century old, Williams is young at heart, literally. She has a clean bill of health from her doctor, who makes house calls to check on her.

"The doctor hates to come see her, because he already know she's healthy," Beckham said. "He said she was in better shape than he was!"

Williams doesn't take her health or life for granted.

"I feel good to be my age, because some people didn't make it," she said.

* Reporter Martin Rand III covers local news. Contact him at mrand@the, on Facebook or at 265-8320, ext. 324.

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