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Kingston says he will fight amnesty
A coalition in Georgia that includes 50 conservative groups need not worry about what U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston thinks about the immigration measure headed for the House of Representatives.

He doesn't like it and won't vote for it in its current form.

That will suit the coalition that calls itself the Georgia Immigration Enforcement Coalition just fine.

Coalition members are urging Georgia's delegation to Washington to oppose what it calls granting amnesty to the 11 million people who are in the country illegally, which is part of immigration legislation passed by the U.S. Senate in June.

"I will fight against amnesty in any form," Kingston, R-1, said.

Kingston feels the nation is doing a poor job enforcing what's already on the books.

"Our nation's immigration system is in serious need of reform, but the Senate's proposal is misguided," said Kingston, who plans to enter the Republican primary next year in a bid to succeed retiring Sen. Saxby Chambliss. "I believe we must enforce the laws we already have and secure the border first."

Kingston and other Republicans, the political party that controls the House, tend to favor a different tack.

"I support the House's approach, which is to tackle issues individually in smaller legislation under regular order," Kingston said. "Doing so will increase transparency and ensure we get it right the first time."

"Opting for a massive overhaul like the one passed in the Senate lends itself to the kinds of 'surprises' we have been getting from Obamacare," said Kingston, an opponent of the President Barrack Obama's health care reform package.

Illegal immigration continues to be a problem in Georgia even after the state General Assembly adopted legislation to make it harder for undocumented citizens to obtain government services, including a vehicle driver's license.

The Glynn County Republican Party and Republicans in surrounding counties held a rally in June in Brunswick protesting amnesty for illegal immigrants. They urged members of the Senate to vote against it.

The measure is having a difficult time gaining traction in the House, where Democrats say they will object to any rewritten Senate proposal that fails to include a mechanism for undocumented immigrants to obtain citizenship.

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