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Company moves to the Isles
The chairman of the Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority says managers of a company that electroplates airplane parts didn't decide on a whim to open their first operation outside of California in the Golden Isles.

It took courting Quaker City Plating, negotiating and incentives.

Mel Baxter, chairman of the authority, says the result is a good deal for Glynn County.

"A first thing a company wants to know when they walk through the door is, 'What are you going to give me, because somebody else is going to give me something,'" Baxter said.

What Quaker City Plating received from the development authority for a commitment announced Friday is the use of a building rent-free for seven months and the offer of a $55,000 grant.

The company that plans to begin operations by the end of the year and hire 40 employees over the next two years will have free rent, representing a value of $44,430, for the first seven months it occupies a 25,000-square-foot building in the Brunswick McBride Industrial Park.

It will pay no property taxes to the school system or county during its first five years of operations, because it won't own the building. It negotiated for the development authority to purchase the facility and lease it to the company.

Because the authority is a state entity, it does not pay property tax on real estate it owns. Quaker can later purchase the property.

Quaker has also been offered a $55,000 grant, contingent upon hiring 23 local employees and providing a list of equipment it will purchase with the money.

The Los Angeles-based company does business with Gulfstream Aerospace in Brunswick and Savannah, a major factor in its managers' decision to move to the Golden Isles.

"It will be a good deal, because they'll be here and those people will stay here," Baxter said. "They have great ties to Gulfstream, and I think it will just give us another way to go out and find more of those Gulfstream ties and bring in other companies. It's kind of like bait."

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