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County to redesign jail entry
The entrance to the new Glynn County Jail will be redesigned.

The decision to create a new entrance came after county officials met with Georgia Pacific Cellulose officials Thursday to talk about potential traffic concerns.

Company spokesman Randal Morris said it was important to discuss the issue before construction begins later this summer on the $28 million, 616-bed jail on the 34-acre Honeywell tract off U.S. 341 south of Community Road.

The county agreed to Georgia Pacific's request to move the entrance as far north on Sulphur Springs Road as possible to address company concerns. Morris estimated 2,000 heavy trucks travel each day on the busy stretch of Sulphur Springs Road which leads to Ross Road, the only thoroughfare to and from the mill.

Company officials asked the county to move the entrance about 500 to 600 feet north on Sulphur Springs Road to eliminate possible accidents and traffic congestion.

"They listened to us, and we appreciate it," Morris said. "I think it was a good learning experience for everyone."

Prior to the decision, county officials said they didn't believe the jail entrance, as originally designed, would be an issue. They estimated 60 vehicles travel to and from the existing jail in downtown Brunswick during peak hours in the morning and afternoon and didn't think those numbers would change once the new jail opens about 18 months after construction begins.

Morris said he was notified about the county's decision after the meeting in an email from County Administrator Alan Ours.

"The county has registered engineers on staff who will design the new road," Ours wrote in his memo. "It may be possible for Public Works to build the road versus a private contractor and that option will be explored. The county will move forward in an expedient manner to design the new road and construct it."

County officials will also consider using Sulphur Springs Road as the construction entrance for the project, Ours wrote.

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