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Commission still searching for director
The Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water Sewer Commission says it has three different options it can pursue in its search for a new executive director after the candidate it offered the job to turned it down Jan. 24.

The board could consider one of the other three finalists it interviewed a month ago, look at the other 32 resumes initially submitted for the position last September or restart the entire process.

The board reviewed its options during a called meeting Monday following the decision by Joey Leverette, a Gainesville, Ga., resident, not to accept the job.

Commissioners are looking for a replacement for Keith Morgan, whose contract ended Dec. 31. It was not renewed.

Which option the utility board chooses will depend on what staff reports back to it, says Dale Provenzano, chairman of the utility board and a Glynn County commissioner.

"I'm letting everyone kind of think about it," Provenzano said. "I didn't want to rush to a judgment."

While no decision was officially made as to what path the utility board will take, Provenzano believes the board won't have to seek new applicants.

"I believe that we have resumes in hand of someone who could do this job," he said. "I don't think we'll have to start over."

The board hopes to have all the information it needs to make a decision by its Friday's commission meeting at the utility's headquarters, 700 Gloucester St.

John Donaghy, chief financial officer for the utility, will continue acting as interim director until the opening is filled.

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