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Utility addresses online services
Nowadays people can do almost everything online, whether it's watching TV, locking a car or ordering food.

So why can't residents pay water bills online?

That was one of the questions asked during a town hall meeting of the Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission Monday.

The utility is working on expanding what customers can do via the Internet. "We started the process about a year ago, and we're currently looking for a replacement for our current software," said John Donaghy, chief financial officer for the utility.

"The software we have now was designed to generate bills and that's about it."

Other utilities offer online services, such as paying bills, paperless billing and contacting customer service. The water-sewer commission offers none of those.

Donaghy said a new system being looked at provides that and more.

There was no definitive answer on when online services would become a reality for water-sewer customers.

"I'm hoping for the day when you can get your water turned on and off online and pay your deposit online, so you never have to come down there," said Ronnie Perry, chairman of the board.

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