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Water sewer commission building due for upgrade
The Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water Sewer Commission received a feasibility and summary report on the downtown building it currently leases and now wants to purchase.

The report, presented at its meeting Thursday, provides three options on how to upgrade and renovate the former Barnett Bank Building at 700 Gloucester St., Brunswick.

The options are similar, with the only difference between the three being how to handle the building's heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, which is a major concern, according to architect Larry Bryson. Bryson was contracted to examine the building.

The 26-year-old building has a minor mold problem due to the air-conditioning system not being properly maintained, he said.

Option one rebuilds the HVAC chiller and cleans the air ducts for an estimated cost of around $700,000.

The second option, which could potentially take the longest to complete, would cost roughly $1.2 million. It would transfer the current HVAC chiller from atop the roof of a neighboring building and replace it with a new chiller on the top of the Barnett Bank building.

The last option would cost around $1.3 million and would include individual air-conditioning systems on all three floors of the building.

The costs of two options are double the initial estimate - $682,000 - presented to the facilities committee by the architect during a meeting last week.

The cost does not include the sale price of the building and property, which has not been discussed.

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