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Appeals court sends back shore lawsuit
A lawsuit filed against the Georgia Department of Natural Resources is being sent back to Glynn County Superior Court by the Court of Appeals of Georgia.

The suit, filed by the Center for a Sustainable Coast, seeks a declarative judgment and injunctive relief from the DNR's practice of issuing letters of permission as a means to approve, without a permit, activities the center claims violate the Shore Assistance Act.

"It is a very strange sort of secretive practice that has been going on," said Jenny Culler, the attorney representing the center.

She said the letters allowed for everything from the renovation of buildings to the construction of the set for "X-Men: First Class" on Jekyll Island.

To obtain a permit, applicants must adhere to a myriad of requirements and be approved by a Shore Assistance Committee, composed of the DNR Commissioner and four others.

According to the appeals decision written by Chief Judge John Ellington, the case was sent back to Superior Court because the center's claim for injunctive relief was valid. Culler said no date has been set for further action.

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