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New KBGIB director thrilled to head organization
Between her passion for the environment and her knack for organizing volunteers, Lea King-Badyna seems to be a perfect fit at Keep Brunswick-Golden Isles Beautiful.

King-Badyna took the place of longtime director Marsha Smith, who retired this year.

Taking the helm of the organization earlier this month, King-Badyna is genuinely thrilled to continue helping the community by doing what she does best.

In what capacity had you worked with Keep Brunswick Golden Isles Beautiful in the past?

I'd actually only worked with them in a volunteer capacity. For six years, I've led the charge for the Glynn County 4-H Advisory Council's annual Georgia-Florida football weekend community beach sweep, which is done in conjunction with KBGIB. With my last job, I was with the University of Georgia Marine Extension, and we performed the Glynn County Litter Index for KBGIB. I was the lead person in getting that together. Plus, I've organized various beach sweeps and marsh cleanups.

Now that you're heading the organization, how do you feel?

I'm really thrilled to be named. Environmental issues, recycling, upcycling, litter prevention have always been a strong interest for me. One of my friends told me I loved trash more than anyone knows. I feel this is a very natural fit for me. I'm interested in coastal and natural resource issues and keeping our place maintained and as beautiful as possible.

How have your first few weeks been and where are you looking to go from here?

It's been great. I jumped right in to Bring One for the Chipper (An annual event that starts Jan. 4 where residents bring their Christmas trees in for recycling), even though we're a little behind because of the transition. Some of the goals right now are just to really learn the program, all the many programs KBGIB is responsible for, and to help bring those into a cohesive unit for the public to see. There are so many phenomenal things this organization does, but I don't think many people realize all they're responsible for.

With your background in volunteer management, what would you say to encourage people to join you at KBGIB?

We are such a heavily volunteer-driven organization. What we do absolutely could not happen without the wonderful volunteers. That's why it's so neat to be involved. It's exciting to see so many people take an interest in this place we call home. We also have membership opportunities, where you fill out a membership form and make a small donation. There are so many ways to get involved.

* Reporter Sarah Lundgren writes about education and other local topics. Contact her at, on Facebook or at 265-8320, ext. 322.

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