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Medical aid flows from Brunswick
For nearly 60 years, MAP International, headquartered in Brunswick, has been delivering vital medicines to places with a dire need around the world, and it's doing it again.

Medicines and supplies, worth $13.2 million, recently were shipped from the port of Brunswick and will arrive by May 15 in Liberia, in Africa.

Through a partnership with MedShare and International Relief Teams, MAP International has sent medicines to Curran Lutheran Hospital in ZorZor, Liberia, and Phebe Hospital. The donation will treat more than 250,000 people.

In addition, MAP has sent a second shipment that will provide treatments for another 250,000 people who are combating the tropical disease Buruli ulcer across the country.

Combined, the two shipments make up one of the largest in the organization's history and will provide treatments to an estimated 500,000 people.

"MAP receives donated high-quality medicines and supplies from our generous pharmaceutical partners and then supplements them with purchased medicines to provide the most effective mix of medicines to those in need," said Katie Connor, a representative of MAP's resource development team.

The shipments that will alleviate some serious health concerns for many in Liberia are just part of MAP's international aid.

Michael J. Nyenhuis, the organization's president and chief executive officer, and Cynthia Lynn Blandford, board member and honorary counsel general of Liberia, will visit the country at the end of the month to facilitate the delivery and meet with government officials.

"We have made a long-term commitment to the people of Liberia, and these major shipments are part of that effort," Nyenhuis said.

MAP provided $4 billion in medicines and supplies globally between 1954 and 2012. The organization marked the milestone with a special shipment to Liberia, where a bloody civil war ended in 2005. Destruction from the war has left the country's health system in disarray and MAP has sought to help change that.

More than 100 countries have benefitted from MAP's aid, and Connor hopes to see that continue.

For every dollar donated to MAP International, $60 in medicines and medical supplies is shipped to those in need around the world.

* Reporter Sarah Lundgren writes about education and other local topics. Contact her at

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