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Mayor happy with progress
Mayor Bryan Thompson, who will complete his second and last term as mayor at the end of December, says he feels the city has done quite well during the almost eight years he's been in office.

Brunswick is poised to take on some great things, many of which can be expected before he exits city government, he said.

"We have made huge inroads," Thompson said. "I'm very pleased that this commission has really been able to get its arms around the vacant and dilapidated properties that have plagued this community. Through programs we've initiated, we've been able to take down close to 200 vacant properties in the city. Some of the houses have gone back up, which was one of the goals."

One particular area of the mayor's pride is the construction of the Norwich Commons on Norwich Street. The private housing development should provide safe and affordable housing for college students, retirees or anyone seeking residence in Brunswick.

Affordable housing was one of Thompson's campaign promises during his bid for mayor in 2005, and he said Norwich Commons will be complete by next April.

Thompson said other efforts to revitalize the city are moving forward.

The mayor attributes much of the city's success to the commission, city management and other departments.

The city's new management team is doing tremendous things, including balancing the budget, eliminating debt and building up a reserve, he said.

He said more work is needed on the Altama Community Transformation plan, and he is glad the commission recently voted to continue the city's urban redevelopment agency.

More walkways, bikeways and parks are also on the horizon, Thompson said.

Thompson said he hopes the next mayor and commission will continue to lead the city down the path of success.

"I would just hope some of the good foundations are maintained at a good strong level," he said. "I look forward to seeing and sharing in the growth and development that will undoubtedly come our way as the economy continues to improve."

* Reporter Kelly Quimby writes about government and other local topics. Contact her at, on Facebook or at 265-8320, ext. 321.

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