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County police captain set to retire
Aside from golfing and fishing, there is only one thing Glynn County Police Capt. Willie McCoy immediately plans to do -- or not do -- when he retires this month.

"I've been shaving every day for some 30 years. I'm not going to shave for a while. I think I'll let the beard grow out," McCoy said Thursday in his office.

McCoy is retiring on June 29 with 30 years of service from the county police force.

After working under five chiefs, in patrol, the drug squad and support services, McCoy has seen a lot of changes at the department on his watch.

"I first started as a patrol officer. Before I went to the academy, back in those days we were so short on officers, they put me in a car on the north end of St. Simons. They told me to just ride around and if I saw someone who needed to be pulled over just call for an officer," McCoy said. "Of course, back then you could drive for days and not get a call."

His career got a lot more exciting after his lonely island drives, though. McCoy was transferred in the late 1980s to the county's drug squad and did undercover work.

"When I first started drug squad, I would go out of town and work undercover to Atlanta, Savannah, Winder and other places. I'd be gone for days," McCoy said. "I got into some dangerous situations."

McCoy's undercover work even landed him in jail once.

"One of our informants had some pressure on him, because people thought I was police. In order to get the pressure off of him, our informant, we set up a scenario where I would roll through a stop sign and they pulled me over," McCoy said. "This was in an area like Dixville, where everyone was just standing around watching. They patted me down and searched my car and found a big ol' roach, a marijuana cigarette."

McCoy was arrested in the charade and taken to jail. The plan was for another Glynn County officer to come pick him up from jail.

"That joker didn't show up for three hours. I wanted to get out of there. That was my last undercover," McCoy said.

After that, McCoy went back to patrol. He was promoted to lieutenant in 2002 and captain five years later.

"I'm going to miss it," he said. "I'm going to miss interacting with the guys. I'll miss getting up and coming to work every day."

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