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Two top county's Most Wanted list
At the top of the Glynn County Sheriff's Office's website is a link to a Most Wanted section Sheriff Neal Jump hopes people will pay attention to this holiday season.

It is often around Christmas when people like Gloria Jones, 48, and Kathleen Pawloski, 51, the two women who make up Glynn County's Most Wanted list, contact family members or return to Glynn County.

Jones is wanted for probation violation and two counts of criminal trespass and one count of obstruction of an officer. Pawloski is wanted for probation violation for aggravated battery.

The number of people on the list varies, Jump said. "We have had as many as seven to 10 on there," he said.

Jump said it is often occupied by violators deputies have been unable to locate to serve warrants on or who have violated court bonds.

The fact that there are only two people on the current list shows how capable deputies are in finding people, Jump said. "We've got an excellent warrant team. They do their research," he said. "When a little help from the community is needed, though, the most-wanted list comes in handy."

Observant citizens on several occasions have seen the list and offered information on where suspects might be, Jump said. "Information on the street is sometimes the most accurate we can get," he said.

The list sometimes includes persons wanted by city and county police. It has been online since retired sheriff Wayne Bennett posted it several years ago.

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The Glynn County Sheriff's Office's Most Wanted list is online at On it are:

* Gloria Jones, 48, 5 feet 4 inches tall, 109 pounds, wanted for probation violation and two counts of criminal trespassing and one count of obstructing an officer.

* Kathleen Pawloski, 51, 5 feet 2 inches tall, 135 pounds, wanted for probation violation for aggravated battery.

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