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Waters in Altamaha recede
Flood waters along the Altamaha River in North Glynn County are subsiding after cresting Tuesday.

Capt. Jay Wiggins, Glynn County Emergency Management Agency director, said water levels rose to 15.45 feet at Altamaha Regional Park in the Everett City Community. That's nearly 30 inches above flood stage.

The impact to residents in nearby neighborhoods and at Altamaha Regional Park was minimal, he said.

The prolonged drought proved to be a good ally to residents during the flood.

"The ground is drinking up the water like a sponge," Wiggins said.

Water levels never rose high enough to flood the interior of homes, though Wiggins said an uninhabited portion of Pennick Road was impassable because of flooding and closed to traffic Tuesday.

Wiggins said his office didn't receive any calls from residents in the affected area asking for help.

The deepest the water in flooded areas is a little more than one foot deep, he said.

"It's not even close to the worst flooding we've had in the area," he said. "Most of the people out there know how to deal with it."

Residents also had plenty of advance notice to prepare for rising water. They were ready when water spilled over the banks this past weekend.

It also helps that most of the homes in the affected are elevated, Wiggins said.

Much of Altamaha Regional Park remained under water Tuesday, but Wiggins said the park remained open.

Homes in the park, most of which are only occupied part time, were not impacted, he said.

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