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Waiting list hits low mark at park
In August 2009, Altamaha Regional Park became embroiled in controversy when then Glynn Commissioner Amy Callaway questioned how the association running the park was handling a public waiting list.

People were complaining that they had been on the waiting list for a trailer site at the recreation park for years without hearing from anyone.

Sites at the riverside park, large enough for small to medium-sized mobile homes, are leased to the public.

Times have changed. Today, most everyone on the waiting list has had a chance to lease a space, says Ouida Fry, president of Altamaha Park of Glynn County Inc., which operates the park.

Fry said 36 people are currently on the waiting list and most have had an opportunity to lease one of the 58 spaces at the park.

When vacancies open, Fry said park officials start at the top of the waiting list and work their way down. If a person on the list declines to lease the available tract, his or her name is removed. They are allowed to put their name back on the list but at the bottom.

Those who have recently declined to lease a site when it became available had a variety of reasons, Fry said. Some didn't have the money, while others might not have liked the location of the available property, she said.

"We have been through the list several times," Fry said. "Some want better locations. The economy is also a factor."

Fry said park officials have tried very hard to prove everyone has had a chance to lease a tract at the park.

"There have been several (sites) in the last year that have changed hands," she said.

Park officials were criticized in 2009 after some tenants were allowed to renew their leases without offering it to people on the waiting list. Elected county officials said tenants leasing tracts at the park should not be allowed to live there indefinitely.

One of the critics was Glynn County Commissioner Richard Strickland, who believes conditions have improved over the years.

"I don't have a problem with the way it's being handled," he said. "The waiting list is at the lowest point it's been at in a while."

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