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Blythe park full of active visitors
With rain bringing drought relief across the state, people are returning to coastal rivers and lakes, including those at Blythe Island Regional Park in Glynn County.

Lonnie Kelley, an administrative technician at the park, says people are returning with boats and kayaks to enjoy the lake, the river and winding canals.

The park also has kayaks, canoes and other water craft for rent.

"We're definitely seeing people coming, especially with their personal boats. The high waters have made a difference for fisherman, and we've seen a great increase there," Kelley said.

Canoers and kayakers are taking advantage of the water trails. Only one area of the miles-long trails is a bit overgrown and not navigable, Kelley said.

Lake-goers have also returned to the beach at the lake at the park.

"We've had a lot of people come out to the beach, especially the past couple of weekends," he said.

Many of the families avail themselves of the picnic tables and shelters around the park, he said, noting, "It's been steady."

The park's picnic tables and camping areas were packed on Memorial Day weekend and Kelley is expecting another large turnout for July 4th.

The more-frequent rain that's contributed to the filling of the site's water trails has actually had a good impact on the park's RV rental sites in the campground. Though Tropical Storm Andrea brought a few cancellations, wet weather has actually encouraged overnight guests.

"If it's just a little rain or a slight, long-term storm, it helps because people will want to get off of Interstate 95, whether they're traveling back up north or heading down to Florida," Kelley said.

The park also played host to 250 Girl Scouts last week.

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