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Donor presents fire department with pet kits
Pets rescued from house fires in the city of Brunswick will soon have a better shot at survival.

An anonymous resident has donated funds to the Brunswick Fire Department to purchase six pet oxygen kits.

The breathing kits can be used to help revive dogs and cats rescued from smoke and fire events.

"I was approached by a local citizen who asked if our fire department had the equipment to resuscitate pets in fires," Mayor Bryan Thompson said. "I made some calls and found out they did not."

There have been many instances where a family has evacuated and pets are still trapped in the home, Thompson said.

Sometimes, firefighters aren't able to get to the animals in time, he said.

"The woman said to me that she would like to donate the equipment for our fire trucks," he said, adding the woman would provide the funds to purchase the kits.

In total, the six kits cost $500 and come with face masks that fit dogs, cats and other small animals, Thompson said.

The donor has pets of her own and is fond of animals, Thompson said.

"We all want our pets safe and protected," he said. "I know it's my and my wife's priority. They are members of the family and we have to make sure they are safe."

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