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Company wants name off waste permit
The current owners of a 100-year-old manufacturing facility in Brunswick want their company's name removed from hazardous waste permits connected to the previous tenants.

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division is accepting public comments through Sept. 26 on its intent to remove Pinova, the plant owner, from a permit on which it is listed jointly with Hercules and its parent company, Ashland, the former plant owners, to address 39 hazardous sites called Solid Waste Management Units.

The waste sites are on two parcels of property adjacent to the Pinova operation at 2801 Cook St.

"We want to be good partners with Ashland on this," said Pat Grozier, vice president of Pinova.

"This is a good next step in cleaning up the historical contamination."

The state permit to store hazardous waste collected during the clean up previously listed both Hercules and Pinova as the responsible parties.

Grozier said both companies agree Pinova should not be listed in the new permit because it was not responsible for the contamination.

Under the new permit, Hercules and Ashland will bear sole responsibility for cleaning up toxaphene in the soil and ground water where the hazardous waste was dumped decades ago.

Toxaphene, an insecticide, is a carcinogen and is banned in the U.S.

The permit allows for an area large enough to store up to 1,024 55-gallon drums of hazardous waste removed from the soil during the clean up.

"There are not actually any drums there now," he said.

Clearing up who is technically responsible for the hazardous waste remediation will allow the process to move more quickly, Grozier said.

"We all want the work to be completed," he added.

The new permit addresses care for the former toxaphene surface impoundments, corrective action for groundwater contamination, operational requirements for the container storage area and corrective action for solid waste management units identified on site.

Get involved

The Environmental Protection Division is seeking public comment at 6:30 p.m. today at the Stellar Conference Center, 144 Venture Drive, on issuing a modified permit to Hercules Inc./Pinova Inc. for the remediation of hazardous waste.

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