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City police plan reorganization
Brunswick Police Chief Tobe Green is heeding the advice of a University of Georgia study and taking steps to ensure maximum efficiency.

The reorganization follows a 2007 study of the department by the Georgia Chiefs of Police Association and a 2011 study of the city by the UGA Carl Vinson Institute of Government. The broad study included the parks and recreation and public works departments.

"They made some suggestions that we never actually put in place," Green said. "We've always said we were going to do it, and we didn't have the manpower at the time to make it work right."

But now is the time to move forward, Green said.

The plan does not add personnel but streamlines divisions of the department.

Currently, officers who perform similar duties are not necessarily grouped in the same division and report to different supervisors.

The new structure will put officers who perform similar tasks in the same division, cut down on overtime by reducing administrative work and increase efficiency, Green said.

Drug enforcement, the SWAT unit, and the Citizens and Police Against Crime, or CAPAC, units are under Support Services, but the new structure places CAPAC under Patrol Services.

"If the patrol division wanted to do something in the housing division, they had to cross divisions and ask permission," Green said.

Divisions will now also have a clearly identified supervisor to report to in the chief's absence.

"It gives us a clearly identified person at the rank of major, which we don't have now... that we can identify to take over until I return," Green said.

Green will present his plan Wednesday to the city commission for approval.

"If they approve this Wednesday, we're going to start putting it together the next day," Green said.

The commission will meet at 5 p.m. for a work session and 6 p.m. for its regular session at Old City Hall, Newcastle Street.

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