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Schools mull drug, leave policies
The Glynn County Board of Education wants to include coaches, counselors and administrators in the discussion of a student drug testing policy and says it plans to create a sick leave bank for employees.

Board member Mike Hulsey said at the board's policy committee meeting Tuesday he has heard concerns from several parents that drugs are prevalent among students. He would like to institute a random drug testing policy for students involved in extracurricular activities to monitor the size of the drug problem.

"My personal opinion is that we should move forward with this," he said.

Hulsey suggested creating a subcommittee of teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators and school police to determine everything from the type of punishment and treatment that would follow positive tests to who would be selected for testing and why.

"I don't want to go into it and not do it right," Superintendent Howard Mann said.

Hulsey asked the administration to have an update for the board about the committee and the policy by the board's December meeting.

On the sick leave issue, committee chair Hank Yeargan introduced a policy that would allow for the creation of an employee sick leave bank, the specifics of which will be determined over the next two months.

The bank, which would allow employees to donate leave days to a pool for others to use in cases of desperate need, could be open for enrollment by January, if the time line recommended by Mann is met.

The policy creating the bank must first be on the table for a month before the board can vote on it.

A sick leave bank policy was first introduced to the board Oct. 23 when Susan Cox, a teacher at Brunswick High School who is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, asked the board to create one.

The board expects to introduce the policy in November and adopt it in December.

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