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Officials seeking high school principal
Brunswick High School will have a new principal next school year, but with less than two months before the fall semester begins Aug. 9, who it will be is still uncertain.

Jim Weidhaas, spokesman for the school system, said administrators will interview nine candidates Monday for the job held by Terry Graff since 2006.

Weidhaas expects the administration to make a recommendation for the board at its next meeting, 6 p.m. Tuesday at the school administration building, 1313 Egmont St.

The board has received no official recommendation on where Graff, who has signed a contract with the school system for next year, will be placed.

Graff's current contract as principal at Brunswick High runs through June 30.

Board Chairman Jerry Mancil said he expects Graff to become director of a new alternative school to replace the outsourced Ombudsman program, which was eliminated last year after an alleged grade-changing incident.

The new principal will take over at Brunswick High July 1, less than six weeks before the start of the new school year.

Mancil said six weeks should be plenty of time for the new principal to get things in order.

"I think whoever is hired will be good enough and will have enough experience to pick things up and prepare for the new year," he said.

A new principal hired earlier in the summer would not have started until July 1 anyway because of the contractual time lines, Mancil said.

Board member Ray Snow said he also trusts the school system's decision.

"The process is the same one we have used for all other principals we have hired," he said.

Snow said he would rather see the administration take its time and find the right person.

"Hopefully, within the next week to 10 days we will have a new principal," he said.

System administrators have not given a reason for moving Graff to a new position.

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