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Land Trust receives massive donation
The Georgia-Pacific Foundation awarded the St. Simons Island Land Trust $100,000 last week for the development of the Pavilion, which has been under construction since Aug. 5.

Dana Pope, deputy director for the St. Simons Island Land Trust, says the donation is a major step towards the Land Trust making its vision of the preserve a reality.

"We wouldn't be able to build this pavilion without their gift," she said.

The 26-feet wide, 42-feet tall Pavilion is being built in the southern area of Cannon's Point Preserve. It will serve to be a central hub for future activities, such as educational programming and interpretative self-directed exploration.

Since 1958, the foundation, based in Atlanta, has had a mill in Brunswick. It primarily invests in local organizations.

In September 2012, the St. Simons Land Trust closed a deal with the Sea Island Co. to purchase the 600 acre Preserve for $25 million. Since then, the Land Trust has come up with a number of ways to make Cannon's Point Reserve available to the public without damaging the preservation.

While the preserve has a 472 acres of maritime forest and six miles of creek and river shoreline, it also possess historic ruins.

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