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Boating nonprofit celebrates centennial
The U.S. Power Squadron, an international nonprofit organization with more than 400 units dedicated to safe boating, is marking its 100th anniversary with a year-long observance.

That includes the Golden Isles Power Squadron.

The Glynn County-based squadron, which is in the Coastal District, will soon to be in the spotlight.

"We have 13 squads in our district and it's now our turn to get the (flag)," said Vicky Jefferis, commander of the Golden Isles Power Squadron.

The national organization presented each of its 33 districts the official flag of the U.S. Power Squadron.

The flag is passed from squad to squad.

The Golden Isles Power Squadron was formed in 2005, serving the community by helping new and current sailors learn how to navigate the water, keep up with the maintenance of their boats, and identify Coast Guard and other markers in the water.

"Boating safety is the foundation of our organization today," Jefferis said.

The national organization was founded by Roger Upton in 1913, but was only a subsidiary of the Boston Yacht Club at the time. In 1914, Upton separated from the club and formed what is today's Power Squadron.

A century later, public and private businesses and the federal government utilize more than 14 educational courses the organization offers.

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