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Officials urge readiness for storms
The possibility of a hurricane evacuation does not scare Mary Jane Hurd.

She and her husband keep enough supplies on hand to survive for two weeks if it becomes necessary.

"For us, being prepared is really more of a way of life," Hurd said.

Both of her sons are Eagle Scouts, and she and her husband teach survival and preparedness classes to Boy Scouts through her church.

"We try to always stay prepared for anything," Hurd said, standing behind a pile of canned food, water and other supplies she gathered on her kitchen counter as an example. "If you prepare your home properly, you can always make it another day."

As the heart of what is expected to be an active hurricane season enters its peak, Hurd said collecting what her family needs to survive in the case of a natural disaster increases in importance.

"If you wait to get what you need until a hurricane hits, it is already too late," Hurd said.

Oil burning lamps, canned food, fresh drinking water and even something as simple as a hand-operated can opener are all essentials to making it through what could potentially be weeks without power.

"You basically have to plan like you are camping," Hurd said.

Glynn County Police Capt. Jay Wiggins, director of the Glynn County Emergency Management Agency, would like to see more people prepare for hurricanes like Hurd does.

"An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure any day," Wiggins said.

The Golden Isles has been fortunate and has not had to evacuate since Hurricane Floyd in 1999, Wiggins said.

He warns not to become complacent.

Wiggins suggests having a well-thought plan in place that includes everything from what to do with pets to ensuring there is enough prescription medication to survive many days away from home.

"We learned so much from Floyd," Wiggins said.

He suggests making a designated place in the home to keep a kit with everything necessary to survive at least 72 hours without power. That means having blankets, pillows, water and even toilet tissue ready.

"There are a lot of things you don't miss until they are gone," Wiggins said.

Every hurricane or tropical storm that misses the Golden Isles should serve as a warning, he added. Storms are often unpredictable and can change direction quickly.

Wiggins said in the case of a true emergency, FM radio frequency 104.9 will have Glynn County specific information.

"It is a good place for people to get information about Glynn County," Wiggins said.

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