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Railroad tracks to be repaired
Motorists headed toward the city on Altama Avenue beyond Parkwood Avenue should take note: travel may be a bit slow or cumbersome Monday and Tuesday.

Traffic on a short stretch of Altama Avenue will be rerouted while CSX Railroad repairs railroad tracks those two days.

Traffic will be reduced to one lane during the project.

For some city officials, the repairs to the crossing are long overdue.

City Commissioner Johnny Cason said the worn out crossings are dangerous not only to vehicles, but also to people who slow to a halt to protect their cars when crossing.

"One of my main concerns is how dangerous all of those crossings are when they get in disrepair," said Cason, who has pushed for railroad maintenance. "People have a propensity to just stop (at the crossings), and I'm surprised that we haven't had some serious problems."

"I don't ever want to see the railroad tracks in the city of Brunswick in the condition that they're in now. We've got the railroad's attention, and we're happy that they've worked with us."

The city is unable to do anything itself to the crossings, which are owned by CSX and Norfolk Southern. Maintenance is their responsibility.

CSX updated other crossings earlier this year, including ones on T Street and U.S. 341.

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