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Volunteers to help repair homes in city
For the next two weeks, 600 teens and college aged students will leave their mark on more than 30 residences in Brunswick.

The city of Brunswick will welcome youth groups and mission workers to help in their annual Volunteer Home Repair Program, funded by a Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant, says coordinator Shauntae Walker.

"It's been a very successful program that we've offered for seven years now," Walker said. "We've worked on 290 homes in the seven years, and this year we plan to work on 30 more in the city."

Mission groups like World Changers Lifeway Christian Group send helpers to the coast every year.

Volunteers will paint and repair the roofs and siding of homes on the rehabilitation list, Walker said.

"The volunteers do very good work, and this year we have the largest group coming down on the East Coast," Walker said. "We have more than Savannah, so we're proud of the large volunteer effort coming. They are eager to work."

The program invites city homeowners to apply for repair assistance if meeting income and property qualifications.

The city has needs that a struggling budget can't satisfy, making the two weeks the volunteers offer valuable, said Mayor Bryan Thompson.

"These groups will help provide services to populations that we have a hard time reaching," Thompson said. "They are fantastic each and every year. They go above and beyond what they sign up to do."

The groups that volunteer their time every summer make a difference through the work they do, Thompson said.

"They touch lives while they are here, and they become such a relief for people in the community," Thompson said. "With some of the older houses, you can solve a lot of problems with just a roof."

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