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Retrial of former sheriff in question
Specially appointed prosecutor Clara Bucci says she hasn't decided whether to retry former McIntosh County Sheriff Charles Jones for allegedly obstructing justice in February 2010.

Jones was arrested for allegedly trying to hinder a McIntosh County sheriff deputy who had stopped Jones' son, Christopher Jones.

A trial in McIntosh County last week on the misdemeanor charge resulted in a hung jury.

Bucci, an attorney for the Georgia Prosecuting Attorneys Council who was appointed to try the case after Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney Tom Durden recused himself, said Tuesday she was unhappy about the mistrial but had not made a decision about what she will do.

"A couple of things can happen," she said. "I can try it again, or...nolle pros the case, which is basically a dismissal."

Resources are tight everywhere, said Bucci, who plans to consult with her superiors.

"I will think about it and decide what to do after I speak with my bosses here," Bucci said.

"I was sorry to see that happen, but sometimes that's how things go."

A decision will be made within the next few weeks, Bucci said.

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