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Students take charge at school store
The Terror-Tory school store at Glynn Academy has proved to be a popular place.

"I love the school store," said freshman Sara Parker, making a beeline for the hooded shirts at last week. "They have a lot of stuff we can't find anywhere else, stuff from our school."

The attitude is one Janie Taylor and Carrie Copelan like to hear. As managers of the store, the seniors are in charge of 31 employees who are taking the same sales and promotions class at the school.

"It is a lot of fun. It is definitely my favorite class," Copelan said.

The students who operate the store, now in its third year, handle everything from the financials and ordering merchandise to scheduling and running the cash register.

They even design much of the merchandise.

"It's a good experience because we get to learn what it's like to do this in the real world," Copelan said.

Copelan hopes to study business when she attends either University of Georgia or Georgia Southern University next year.

It is her second year in the class with business education teacher Cindy Perry.

Perry was happy to help her students move the store to a larger room this year due to the store's growth in popularity.

Students regularly stop by the store during their lunch period or in between classes to buy snacks or to pick up gear in preparation for a Friday night football game, she said.

"We have had a really good year so far," Perry said.

She was able to find grant money this year to help the store purchase a touch screen point of sale system, just like the computers used in most retail stores.

The system is another way to make a student's experience as close to the real thing as possible, Perry said.

"They learn all aspects of the business through this. It is wonderful experience for them," Perry said.

As the store gains steam and continues to pay for itself and even make money, Perry said she hopes proceeds that do not go back into the store can help students with college.

"Long term, we hope to create a scholarship or to help pay for some of the competitions the students go to," Perry said.

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