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Man will see jail time for fleeing
Eric Daniel Marroquin was acquitted of killing his mother and stabbing two other people by a Glynn County Superior Court jury Thursday, but it could be some time before he is a free man again.

According to District Attorney Jackie Johnson, 30-year-old Marroquin could serve as long as five years in prison for being convicted on the charge of fleeing and attempting to elude police after he led them on a 15-mile high-speed chase at speeds of greater than 100 mph Sept. 16, 2011.

Brunswick Judicial Circuit Judge Anthony Harrison, who presided over Marroquin's trial, said he will set a date for sentencing for the conviction in the next 30 days.

Marroquin will also face a revocation hearing to determine if he violated the terms of his probation.

Marroquin was convicted of robbery by intimidation in Glynn County Superior Court in 2005 and sentenced to 20 years, the first seven of which were to be served in prison. The remaining 13 years were to be served on probation.

No date has been set for the hearing, and Johnson said it is undetermined just how long he will remain incarcerated if his probation is revoked.

"It would be up to the judge hearing that case as to how much of the rest of that sentence he would serve," Johnson said.

Marroquin admitted during his testimony in court Thursday to using and possessing crack cocaine several times on the day his mother was found stabbed to death.

In addition to being found innocent of murder, Marroquin was acquitted of two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of criminal attempt to commit murder.

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