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Homeowner shoots potential robber
Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering says it is unclear whether a Brunswick man who was shot seven times Saturday night during an alleged attempted robbery suffered the wounds to his back or his front because the bullets passed through him.

The man who was shot is expected to recover.

Police initially said Anthony Don Devine, 45, was shot multiple times in his back and buttocks with a .45 caliber pistol when he allegedly attempted to rob a 36-year-old man at about 11 p.m. Saturday at his home at 219 Poplar St., Glynn County.

"The wounds on his back and buttocks have not been determined to be entry or exit wounds," Doering said.

While it is likely that some of the wounds Devine sustained were to his front, police have yet to determine specifically to which side of his body each wound occurred, Doering said.

Devine was shot by the homeowner, who police have not identified publicly, when he allegedly lunged at the man with a knife while attempting to rob him, Doering said.

The homeowner told police he heard the doorbell ring between 11 p.m. and midnight Saturday, but when he answered the door, no one was there, Doering said. When the doorbell rang again a short time later, the man answered the door with a handgun while his wife and children remained inside.

This time he stepped onto the front porch to see if anyone was there, Doering said. That is when Devine allegedly made a move toward the man with a knife and the man began shooting at Devine, Doering added.

The homeowner told police he was aiming for Devine's legs to thwart the apparent attack and did not intend to kill him.

After Devine fell face down on the porch floor, Doering said the homeowner told police he saw Devine moving his hands and arms as if he was reaching for something in the dark. That is when the homeowner shot Devine an undetermined number of times again before going inside to call 911 emergency dispatchers.

Doering said police do plan not to charge the homeowner with any crime.

"The idea was to stop (Devine) and he did," Doering said of the homeowner. "He was defending not only his own life, but also his wife and family's. He had every reason to fear for his life. We are satisfied that he was justified."

Devine, who was conscious and talking to investigators Tuesday, will likely face a charge of attempted armed robbery and a charge of aggravated assault after he is released from Memorial Medical Center in Savannah and can be transported to the Glynn County Detention Center, Doering said.

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