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Return from duty is kids' surprise
Holding hands with their mother, first-grader Emily Hoskins and fourth-grader Daniel Hoskins thought it was just another typical end to a school day Monday as they walked toward their car at Glyndale Elementary School, 1785 Old Jesup Road, Glynn County.

But their mother, Anita Hoskins, had a surprise for them.

Suddenly, both of the children's faces lit up with smiles so big they could mean only one thing: Daddy was home!

Dressed in his Air National Guard uniform and standing next to a tree, their father, Jason Hoskins, had a matching smile for his children as they ran toward him. As he dropped to his knees, Emily and Daniel threw their arms around their dad, whom they had seen only once in almost five months.

Jason Hoskins, a member of the 224th Joint Communications Support Squadron, had been stationed on the U.S.S. Pearl Harbor, off the coast of Hawaii. He was called to active duty in March.

The family continued hugging and laughing as teachers walked past, welcoming Hoskins home.

Though the separation might not seem to have been long for some, for his children, it felt like an eternity. They finished the past school year in May and began this one without seeing him at all, missing his encouragement.

Daniel and Emily wanted to show their dad all he had missed, filling him in on details of summer camp and their new school year.

Daniel said the first thing he wanted to do was play ball in the yard; mother Anita said they would take a family bike ride on Jekyll Island, but little Emily was just speechless. She just clung to her dad, so thankful to have him home.

Hoskins will return to his civilian job as a network technician for the Glynn County School System on Wednesday.

* Reporter Sarah Lundgren writes about education and other local topics. Contact her at, on Facebook or at 265-8320, ext. 322.

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