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Stadium parking gets an upgrade
Glynn County school officials are hoping parking at tonight's city championship football game between Brunswick High School and Glynn Academy is free of both crippling traffic jams and mud.

"It is a huge game and is easily our biggest draw of the year," said Glynn County School System Superintendent Howard Mann.

He expects to see the 12,000-seat Glynn County Stadium packed with as many as 10,000 fans.

"We would love to see it completely full," Mann said.

But filling the stadium in the past has created logistical nightmares in the parking lot.

In the past, because both Glynn Academy and Brunswick High call the stadium home, Mann said every fan tried to use the home entrance from Fourth Street.

The large number of cars trying to leave the stadium at once caused traffic jams that left many fans waiting to leave the game for more than an hour.

"We have learned and have implemented a plan that has worked much better," Mann said.

To even the flow, school police chief Rod Ellis is asking all Glynn Academy fans to both enter and leave the stadium using the Fourth Street entrance. Brunswick High fans should enter and leave from the Altama Avenue entrance using Emory Dawson Boulevard near the Brunswick Exchange Club Fairgrounds. Overflow parking will be available at the fairgrounds.

Ellis said no inbound traffic will be allowed back into the stadium for 30 minutes after the game.

To improve parking availability, the school system asked Glynn County public works to help fill in some low spots that created muddy conditions during last week's Glynn Academy game against McIntosh County Academy.

Mann said he cannot thank the county enough for its help.

"They realized we had an issue out there and provided us with the material and the equipment to fill in the bad spots," Mann said.

Candice Temple, spokeswoman for Glynn County, said the more than 50 loads of dirt brought in to fill the low spots and create a perimeter road around the parking lot is dredge material taken from Andrew's Island.

Temple said the dirt was free as an exchange for offering mosquito control on the island.

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