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Parents help with school supplies
For parents of students enrolled in Glynn County's public schools, preparing for the academic year is more than adjusting bedtime and wake-up time for children.

Like shopping for the holidays, parents clinch school supply lists in fists of frenzy leading up to the start of the school year.

Neely Hamm, mother of six children between ages 9 and 16, has her hands full and her purse empty after shopping for school supplies.

"School supplies and shopping are very expensive, but it's not so bad here," she said.

Hamm comes from Texas, where she says parents are responsible for more than just school supplies for their children.

"We had to buy things like (drawing) paper and construction paper for the classroom," Neely said. "But here, teachers keep it pretty simple, and they ask for what they need in the classroom."

Hamm has two children at Satilla Marsh Elementary, two children at the new Risley Middle School and two teenagers at Glynn Academy.

Preparing for the school year takes planning, Hamm said.

"I...see what deals the different stores have to offer," she said. "I compare and I plan where and when I'm going to buy. I also coupon."

St. Simons Elementary Principal Suzanne Clements said teachers make requests and parents often feel the need to help the classrooms out with items like hand sanitizer or wipes. They are not your typical items like notebook paper and markers, but they are things teachers make use of on a daily basis.

"We always have suggested lists, but at the bottom of the list we always mention that families having difficulties meeting those needs can talk to us," Clements said. "There's no requirement, but we find that parents want to help out."

Teachers sometimes ask for specific items for projects, like headphones for computer labs, Clements said. If parents have difficulty, the school is able to help out, thanks to other parents and residents.

"The teachers are good about (school supplies)," Hamm added. "They don't make you feel like you have to have everything. It's if you'd like to help out you can."

Clements says teachers know not to burden parents for supplies and always let them know that the school is able to supplement any items.

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