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Stalled trains have residents concerned
Recent incidents of stalled trains have residents of a Glynn County subdivision off U.S. 341 worried about safety and being trapped.

For the second time in as many weeks, a train with a long string of boxcars stalled on the railroad tracks Thursday that cross Oak Grove Road, blocking the two-lane causeway leading to Oak Grove Island.

The residential subdivision in North Glynn includes a golf course that is open for public play.

Bud Mynick said he and other residents were trapped for more than an hour on the causeway Thursday.

Some residents are frustrated with the frequency and the lack of explanation from the company responsible for the stalled trains, he said.

"We've called CSX before, and we can't seem to explain to them that if there is an emergency, we're trapped," Mynick said. "We couldn't get to someone. Blocking the road is dangerous."

Not so, says Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering.

Doering said in the case of an emergency, police have a plan in place to get to Oak Grove Island.

"We have the preset coordinates of the (golf course) where we can land a helicopter," Doering said. "We'd go that route and tell whomever needed assistance to get that person to the golf course in any way they could."

The police also have a 24-hour emergency railroad contact.

"I would hope the railroad company would be more responsive if we need them and have an emergency," Doering said.

While stuck in the stalled line Thursday, Mynick walked around and talked to other drivers. He said everyone shared the same agitation.

Being stalled for an hour is an inconvenience, he said.

Making matters worse is the lack of response and explanation from CSX, he said, calling it disrespectful and disconcerting.

"Something's changed where CSX has to stall here, and they won't share," Mynick added. "My fear is that an emergency could go from being serious to critical and even fatal."

CSX representatives could not be reached for comment.

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