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College students learn in 'ATTIC'
Unlike a house attic where unneeded items are stored, out of sight and out of mind, College of Coastal Georgia has its "attic" on display to help students keep learning at the forefront of their minds.

The college's "attic" is actually its ATTIC - the Academic Tutoring and Instruction Center.

The center, housed in the Correll Center for Teacher Education and Learning, was opened this past year to provided resources that enhance tutoring - comfortable seating, a white board and a large touch-screen computer monitor, known as a Mondo Pad.

"Give it three weeks, and this place will just be packed," Niki Schmauch, coordinator for academic services, predicted.

At the end of fall semester, the center received the highest certification from the College Reading and Learning Association, an international organization that certifies tutoring programs. And that isn't easy to achieve.

Of the 29 Level I certified tutoring programs in the state, only 11 had previously made it to Level III master certification. College of Coastal Georgia makes the 12th.

Level III tutors must have at least 30 hours of training and 75 hours of experience, Schmauch said.

"It tells our students that they're not just being tutored by another peer. Our tutors are trained in people skills, teaching styles and more. They know how to tutor, how to teach and not just re-teach," she said.

Some tutors become supplemental instruction leaders in classrooms with students in specific subjects.

To find a tutor, a student can check a schedule at the ATTIC or go online, click on a subject and find available tutors and where they are at particular times.

The service is also available in Camden County and is free on both campuses.

* Reporter Sarah Lundgren writes about education and other local topics. Contact her at, on Facebook or at 265-8320, ext. 322.

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