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Summer season hikes jobless rates
The unemployment rate in Metro Brunswick experienced a sharp rise in June, the second consecutive month the rate went up significantly.

The jobless rate jumped to 10.3 percent in June from 9.6 percent in May, an increase of seventh-tenths of a percent.

From April to May, the number of individuals looking for work climbed by night-tenths of a percent in Metro Brunswick.

The metro area includes Glynn, McIntosh and Brantley counties.

The labor department said the rate increased primarily because of two seasonal factors: the large number of education workers who are unemployed during the summer school break and new graduates who are considered unemployed until they find a job.

The metro area's rate was higher than the state average rate, which increased to 8.6 percent in June from 8.3 percent in May.

The number of jobs in metro Brunswick decreased by 200, or five-tenths of a percentage point, from 40,900 in May to 40,700 in June.

The rate for Metro Brunswick in June was higher than it was a year ago, when unemployment hovered around 10.2 percent.

The Brunswick area was not the only one experiencing a sharp increase. Metro Atlanta's unemployment rate rose to 8.9 percent in June, also up seventh-tenths of a percent point, from 8.2 percent in May. That was still under the 9.3 percent rate in June a year ago.

Metro Athens had Georgia's lowest area jobless rate at 7.2 percent.

The Heart of Georgia-Altamaha region in central Georgia had the highest rate at 12.9 percent. The jobless figures for metro areas are not seasonally adjusted.

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