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Jobless rates improve over year
Although unemployment rates continue to fluctuate in metro Brunswick, the overall number has dropped a full percentage point over the past 12 months.

Statistics released by the Georgia Department of Labor show metro Brunswick's rates dropped to 9.5 percent in October, down from 9.6 percent in September and down from 10.6 percent in October 2011.

The metro area includes Glynn, McIntosh and Brantley counties.

The recent decline is attributed to the introduction of 300 new jobs, according to the Georgia Department of Labor.

The growth in jobs came mostly in retail trade and local government.

There were also fewer layoffs in manufacturing, administrative and support services, state officials said.

During the past 12 months, labor department officials estimate metro Brunswick has added 1,200 jobs.

Statewide, unemployment fell to 8.7 percent, down three-tenths of a percent from 9.0 percent in September. The national unemployment rate is currently at 7.9 percent.

But it's difficult to predict a monthly trend locally. Glynn County rates remained unchanged from September to October, at 9.3 percent. The county rate was 9.9 percent in June, before it spiked at 10.3 percent in July. In August, the rate was 9.5 percent.

In surrounding counties, the rates were stable or improved over the previous month.

McIntosh County saw the biggest improvement in the region, with unemployment dropping more than 1 percent. October's rates were 9.3 percent; in September, the rate was 11.2 percent.

Brantley County also saw an improvement, with rates falling to 10.7 percent in October. A month earlier, unemployment was at 11.2 percent.

In Camden County, rates remained unchanged from September to October, at 8.6 percent.

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