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More voters register for election
The months leading up to November's presidential election have resulted in a surge of new voter registrations, says Glynn County Board of Elections Supervisor Cindy Johnson.

"The volume has definitely picked up, and we're just under 46,000 active registered voters," Johnson said. "I expect more to come forward as we get closer."

The 45,890 active registered voters reflect an increase of 1,000 from the days before the July 31 primary elections, Johnson said, adding that lately the state server that houses all of the information has been slow, an indication of heavy usage.

"It's definitely a reflection of the upcoming race. We usually get a lot of new applications turned in around this time," Johnson said.

Neighboring counties are feeling the effects of a looming presidential election, too.

"We went from getting four to five applications a week to getting four to five applications a day," said Camden County Deputy Registrar Heidi Butler. "As the deadline comes closer, we're going to pick up more and more."

Camden County currently has approximately 31,000 registered voters, and Butler says she sees teenagers and first-time voters coming in daily to register.

In McIntosh County, Elections Supervisor Ellen Gale has also seen more residents walk through her door.

"We're also getting a lot of transfers from other areas of people who have just moved," Gale said.

To be eligible to vote in the Nov. 6 election, citizens must register in person or by mail by Oct. 8.

Applications for Glynn County voters can be filled out or picked up at the Board of Elections office in the Office Park Building at 1815 Gloucester St., Brunswick.

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