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Coast holds off freezing temps
The Golden Isles is a month away from seeing below freezing temperatures, according to Georgia's top weather prognosticator.

State climatologist Bill Murphey estimates that freezing temps will likely not hit the isles until around Christmas.

"In about a month the coastal sections will have some freezing," Murphey said.

A frost advisory issued over the weekend proved to be a dud on the coast.

"It's good to have a frost advisory and all, but it's really tough to hit freezing temperatures here right now," Murphey said about the coast.

On Monday morning, lows inland dropped to 34 degrees, just 2 degrees above freezing. Temperatures on St. Simons Island and the rest of the coast hovered around 40 degrees.

Above freezing wasn't the case elsewhere in the state. West of here, in Alma, the mercury dropped to a chilly 28 degree Monday morning, he said.

Murphey predicts a wet winter for South Georgia. That could begin with a front moving through the region tonight that will bring rain.

Murphey said the coast will stay a little dry after this week.

"I don't see any rain for another eight to 10 days," he said.

* Five-day forecast, 10A.

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