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Health district hosts program on WIC
The Coastal Health District is giving the community a chance to learn about a program that provides food supplements and nutrition counseling to women, infants and children.

A "Wacky WIC Wednesday" program will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday at the Glynn County Health Department, 2747 Fourth St.

Current WIC clients may attend and receive services or make up for missed appointments.

Individuals interested in learning more about what WIC provides are encouraged to attend.

"The reason why we're calling it 'Wacky WIC' is because, for the most part, when you sign up for WIC you have to make an appointment. This is a day where if you've missed your appointment, you can just walk in," said Pat Mobley, nutrition manager for the WIC program.

The federally funded program focuses on educating low income mothers on how to adopt healthy habits.

"We provide personalized nutrition consultation. The participant gets vouchers for healthy food," Mobley said. "It is a supplementary program. We don't provide a whole month of food for a participant, but we do give vouchers for a good part of the month."

The program provides food vouchers and nutrition counseling to 2,700 participants in Glynn County. A little more than 700 are women, 600 are infants and 1,300 are children.

A large focus of the program is preventing childhood obesity.

"We teach good nutrition habits for parents so that the children can develop health habits in eating," Mobley said. "When we do a nutrition assessment on a child, if we see that they are at risk for being overweight or they are overweight, (the parent) gets extra nutrition counseling."

Support and counseling for mothers who want to breast-feed their infants is also provided through the program.

Participants must be eligible based on income. The income threshold for a family of four is $41,348 per year.

Medicaid recipients and foster children also qualify for WIC benefits.

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