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Steel items at Sterling Park stolen
Among reports filed with police:


* 100 block of Depratter Lane, Glynn County: A man reported someone stole steel doors and grates from Sterling Park Thursday. The doors and grates were removed with a pry tool. They were valued at $1,000.

* 100 block of Holly Street Circle, Glynn County: A woman reported a male suspect burned an antique table and stole property from a house she rented to him Wednesday. The items missing were a bicycle, a screwdriver set, a grill and a roasting pan. The stolen items were valued at $370. The table was valued at $300. She said the suspect had just moved out that day, and she was going to inspect the residence.

* J.C. Penney at 100 Mall Blvd., Glynn County: A man reported a female employee stole money from a cash register while working Wednesday. He said the female stole more than $1,000 from Dec. 8 to Dec. 28. No arrests were made.

-Nick Nichols

The Brunswick News

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