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Clerk says group stole cans of beer
Among reports filed with police:


* Parker's at 4412 New Jesup Highway, Glynn County: A woman reported someone stole beer from the store Tuesday. The clerk said she saw a group of men and women walk into the store and go to the bathrooms at separate times. The bathroom doors were propped open with cases of beer. When the clerk checked the bathrooms, she noticed the cases were open and beer cans were missing. The suspects left in two vehicles.

* 3600 block of Franklin Avenue, Glynn County: A man reported someone stole a bicycle from a yard Monday. He said his daughter rode the bicycle to a friend's residence and left it outside. When she left the house, the bicycle was missing. The responding officer and the complainant searched the neighborhood but found nothing.

* Friendly Express at 3245 Cypress Mill Road, Glynn County: A woman told police someone stole a pack of beer from the store Sunday. She said the female suspect tried to conceal the beer using her shirt. When the complainant tried to talk to the suspect, the suspect fled the scene in a vehicle.

* 300 block of Hyde Park Commons, Glynn County: A man reported someone stole two tool boxes from his vehicle Sunday. He was eating inside a restaurant when a woman came in and told him she saw someone steal the tool boxes. The tools were valued at $1,500.

* Tractor Supply Company at 5940 New Jesup Highway, Glynn County: A woman reported two male suspects shoplifted from the store Sunday. The two men went into a restroom, and when the men exited, they purchased gloves. When the complainant checked the restroom, she found empty packages of padlocks hidden in a toilet tank. The suspects left the scene in a vehicle. The complainant wrote down the license plate number. No arrests were made.

--Nick Nichols

The Brunswick News

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