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Golf cart taken from residence
Among reports filed with police:

Problem with persons

* Blue Water Cafe at 115 Mallery St., St. Simons Island: A man reported a male and female failed to pay for food they ordered at the restaurant Wednesday. They ordered oysters but sent them back because they were too small. He said they changed their mind on other items they had ordered. No arrests were made.

* 100 block of Sea Island Lake Cottage Drive, St. Simons Island: A man reported a male suspect threatened him Nov. 6. He said he was at a coffee shop when the suspect threatened him. He said on another occasion when he was driving in his vehicle the suspect swerved toward the complainant forcing him off the road.


* 100 block of Altama Connector, Glynn County: A woman reported a male suspect struck her in the face Nov. 6. She said the suspect approached the vehicle she was driving and reached inside the window to strike her. Three witnesses saw the suspect strike the complainant. He was arrested for simple battery.


* 100 block of Schooner Court, Glynn County: A man reported someone stole a golf cart from his house Nov. 6. He said it had been at his grandmother's house because it had a flat tire. When he went to the residence to retrieve the golf cart it was gone. It was valued at $2,500.

* 100 block of Yorkshire Drive, Glynn County: A man reported someone stole a bicycle from a fence Nov. 6. A witness saw two juvenile males take the bicycle. She told one of the suspects to put the bike back, but he told her it belonged to him and rode away. The bike was valued at $75.

- Nick Nichols

The Brunswick News

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